The ten golden rules of Omaha 8 – Part 7

By | February 27, 2014


7: Aces are easily overrated

In Hold’em you can expect to be dealt aces once every 221 hands [odds of 220 to 1]. In Omaha you will be dealt aces more than one time in every 60. Omaha 8 aces can vary greatly in quality. At the top end, A-A-2-3 double suited gives you terrific high and low potential. At the other end of the spectrum, a hand such as A-A-8-J unsuited gives you little to play for. When first in, in early position, it should probably be discarded. Furthermore, on the flop, in a multi way pot, aces will need to improve to stand much if any chance of winning the high. Don’t bet or raise your aces in a multi-way pot needlessly or worse become wedded to them!

Another key difference to Hold’em is that in Omaha 8 Limit, you should be prepared to quickly discard great pre flop hands which don’t hit the flop. For example, the lovely A-2-3-x hand is probably worthless on a flop with two high cards. Equally the high suited rundown hand does not look so clever on a paired low board. For success in Omaha 8, you must evaluate whether a flop is good or bad, and escape from the bad ones quickly.

This is an extract from Omaha 8 or Better: Winning at Hi Low Poker by Andy Mack

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