The ten golden rules of Omaha 8 – Part 2

By | February 22, 2014

Play to scoop


The big money at Omaha 8 Limit is made by winning both the high and the low part of the hand (‘scooping’). Typical ways to do this include making a nut low (A-2) with the nut flush, by making a wheel, or a wheel with a 6 high straight. A good starting hand is key to this: Look for suited aces, wheel cards and four cards which work together. One of the consequences of this is to reduce the value of high only hands, which are generally best saved for late position and/ or a single bet.

Note some players, particularly forum posters, will tell you that they like to play high hands because when the board comes high they can steal many pots. Bear in mind that eight of every thirteen cards are low, so the majority of flops will come low. Secondly, the aim is not to play low hands, but ideally two way hands. Hands such as a suited A-2-x-x, A-2-K-Q or A-A-2-x are very capable of hitting high as well as low boards.


This is an extract from Omaha 8 or Better – Winning at High-Lo Poker by Andy Mack

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