PokerStars 8-Game – catch the 3 Barrel bluff

By | September 7, 2013

David Peat aka 'Viffer'

This is a NLH hand I played on the $.5/$1 Stars 8-Game tables. I thought it was worthy of comment for the hand-reading analysis where it becomes obvious that there is an overwhelming likelihood that the opponent is bluffing due to his actions and bet-sizing. It is actually quite easy to narrow his range of hands on the flop when you consider his preflop just-call on the button and previous hands where he had shown aggression. I had top pair in this hand, but would you call the river with any pair? According to my analysis, you have a profitable call with K-hi on the river against his range for betting it. I’m sure I would fold, but maybe a better player like John Duthie might not,, but then the villain in this hand wasn’t David Peat aka Viffer.

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