Omaha 8: On Tour in Las Vegas Part 2 – The Venetian

By | September 4, 2013

Outside the Venetian

Put simply, The Venetian is my favourite card room on the whole of the Strip. One of the largest poker rooms, it is also spacious and luxurious. Leather seats, brand new tables, and regular cocktail service make for a very pleasant playing experience. The dealers are generally friendly and courteous, as well as knowledgeable.

I tend to play the lunchtime or 7pm Hold’em tournaments, both of which have a decent structure. I’ve not played in any of the ultra deep stack tourneys, but I understand these are also good.

In terms of cash games, there is a great choice of Hold’em games on offer, as well as usually two or three limit O8 tables. The O8 games are normally spread at $4/ $8 and $8/ $16, although on Friday night I saw a lively $75/ $150 game! Sadly this one was a bit beyond my bankroll.

The standard of play at the $4/ $8 games is soft, although with multi way flops, you need to hit good cards to win. The $8/ $16 game looked tougher, although I didn’t sit down at that.Inside the Venetian

Once you’re done with the poker, there’s plent of other entertainment on offer. Tao nightclub for the younger visitor, a choice of many other bars and restaurants for the older brigade.

Overall verdict: Strong recommendation for the hotel and the poker room.

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