Omaha 8: On Tour in Las Vegas Part 1 – The Orleans

By | September 2, 2013

Located a couple of miles off strip, The Orleans in Las Vegas is a hidden gem for the Omaha 8 poker enthusiast.

The Orleans Hotel Vegas

From the strip, it’s a short cab ride to The Orleans, which is just the other side of The Rio. The Orleans is a huge hotel and casino complex. As my taxi driver said, in any other town, it would be the largest hotel in the neighbourhood. Indeed as I write this, I can see it from my hotel window at The Mirage.

The amenities at The Orleans include a multi-screen cinema (nine screens, the nearest multiplex to the strip), an Irish pub, a theatre, a huge casino, and a good choice of restaurants including a decent buffet and a TGI Friday.

The Orleans Poker RoomThe poker room at The Orleans is exceptionally friendly and welcoming. Many of the players are locals, especially during week days, and I was treated with courtesy, respect and great interest, as an English visitor. It has around 40 tables, with between five and ten games generally running off-peak, and the room being full at peak times.

The Orleans runs regular limit O8 games. While I was there, two $4/ $8 games were running. It also has a limit O8 tournament, starting at midday Monday and Wednesday, and 7 pm Thursday. On Sundays at 7 pm there is a HORSE tournament.

I chanced my arm in an $80 lunchtime tournament. There were over thirty runners and four payouts. The standard of play was mixed. Multi way pots were the norm, certainly in the first five levels, and trying to bluff your opponents wouldn’t be a wise way to play. Nut hands can generally expect a big payoff, however, if and when you make them.

So how did I do?   Sadly, no fairy tale ending to this visit. I played tight and solid until three hours in I found myself with a big blind special: I flopped top pair, nut straight draw, second nut flush draw and second nut low draw. The money went rapidly in, and you’ve guessed it: I was second best for both high and low. Them’s the breaks.

Overall verdict

A great card room. Thoroughly recommended. I will definitely be back next year.


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This page is an extract from Omaha 8 or Better: Winning at Hi Low Poker by Andy Mack

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