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Excerpts from the Book

The Poker Player – A Novel

Congratulations to our good friend Andrew Laurie on the publication of his new novel ‘The Poker Player’, now available in paperback. Andrew is himself a keen Omaha 8 enthusiast, so we do hope you show him your support and help make this a poker best seller.  See below for an exclusive extract and here for a… Read More »

FLO8 Winning strategies: how to play flawed and junk starting hands pre-flop

In the previous two posts on we looked at premium and speculative FLO8 starting hands.  Time now to explore how to play flawed and junk starting hands. This can form part of your winning strategy. Flawed hands The following hands may look pretty but are actually flawed and usually best avoided. In a full ring… Read More »

Winning strategies: Speculative starting hands

In the last post we looked at premium starting hands. This time we turn out attention to speculative starting hands. In the right circumstances these can make a lot of money and should form part of any winning strategy. On other occasions you may want to discard speculative hands pre flop. Let’s look at the… Read More »