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Alexis does the technical stuff on the website and the book, but he is also an O8 practitioner and contributor. He loves the mixed games on Stars. One day he will be a SuperNova but currently he is enjoying the slings and arrows of outrageous rake and variance at the low and micro-stakes levels.

It’s a Bluff!

Stick your AA in your ass you fat fuck The hand started with a cut-off 3-bet with a strong pictured connected PLO hand. The Big blind cold-overcalled presumably with the type of PLO hand which he wanted to see a flop with, but not AAxx which almost everyone would 4-bet. The original raiser (who was… Read More »


PokerStars has an excellent option to help reduce the dreaded variance. It is RunItTwice. I have this permanently switched on so any allins with opponents who also have this option enabled are run twice reducing the chance of a bad beat. 8 Game Some of the o8 hands on this site are from the 8… Read More »